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  • Samples of speaking engagements


Experienced speaker and media personality available to discuss fashion as it relates to music, entertainment, pop culture, history, ethics, society, personal/professional brand and more.

  • Media Appearances
  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Panel Participation
  • Spokesperson
  • Emcee / Host


Employing humour, storytelling, audience participation and evidence-based information to help people meet their goals using their wardrobe. 

  • Custom Keynotes
  • Custom Workshops
  • Style for Musicians (Keynote presented with or without Workshop)
  • Style and Branding for Musicians (Keynote presented with or without Workshop)
  • Wardrobe Guides and Best Practices for Specific Groups (Workshop)
  • The Science of Style: Tools Not Rules. Using the scientific principles behind the power of clothing to influence how you feel, how you perform, how you're perceived, and more. Audience will learn theories and techniques to use their wardrobe to reach their goals. Emphasis on authenticity, individuality, emotional comfort, self-care, and research-based information. Can be delivered to a general audience, or tailored to a specific group/profession. Alternate title: Can An Outfit Change Your Life? (Keynote)
  • You Are Not What You Wear: The Emotional Ethics of Fashion (Keynote)


Additional speaking features are determined based on client interest, audience and type of presentation.

  • Slide presentation
  • Audience participation
  • Worksheets (can be handed out ahead, during or after)
  • Model(s) to accompany speaker onstage
  • Model(s) to accompany speaker for TV appearances
  • Full-scale or small-scale fashion show to accompany speaker
  • Show and tell devices: mannequins, clothing rack, etc.

"I do a lot of seemingly different things in my line of work, but there's a common thread (pun intended ;)—I help people express who they are in their branding and in the way they dress. It's as much about branding as it is about style. It's about taking what's inside and putting it out there in the most authentic and marketable way possible. My philosophy is simple (and it sounds like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book)—if you’re being authentic, uniqueness will follow, because you’re the only you, and if you’re being true to you, you’re automatically going to stand out." —Kate Matthews